Friday, 20 October 2017

Old Age Suddenly

In the beginning
there is only the smell of fire.
Time when time
did not yet exist.
The spring sun
licked our faces
like a puppy.
Already September
mushroom picking
moss between pines
a spider spinning reflections.
We exchange glances
that have seen too much.
We stare goggle-eyed
as a deep sea fish
brought to the surface.
I want to comfort you
but your tears
tickle my cheek.
The dislike of life
is born and dies.
Old age suddenly
falls upon us
as snow on the head
the grey will not thaw.

Friday, 13 October 2017


She was hot
so I fucked her
and I had a fucking great time
fucking her and then
I remembered she also had
a brain and a heart and a soul
so I took her for a walk
and we talked
about autumn hues
and I hugged her
remembering she had a heart
a brain and a soul
so she can feel more
than a cow in a withered pasture
which was kind of castrating
so I changed tack
and went for something less
sifting through the previous thoughts
with time nothing was left
but melting snow
a brief respite
from the chronic heat

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Venus of Milo and You

Venus of Milo without arms
Nike of Samothrace without arms and head
and you without a breast

Friday, 29 September 2017

Great Extinction

in the age of great extinction
people lived longer and longer
fewer and fewer people were ill
more and more people were born

in the age of great extinction
governments of countries with a low birth rate
gave money to parents for more children

in the age of great extinction
governments of countries with a high birth rate
gave money to parents for fewer children

in the age of great extinction
people ate more and more meat butter cheese grain
vegetables fruit sugar and chocolate
more and more houses factories warehouses
airports motorways stadiums were built

in the age of great extinction
more and more cars computers telephones
furniture washing machines refrigerators were made
more and more electricity water oil
gas wood metals were used

in the age of great extinction
they sold handbags from albino crocodiles
for two hundred thousand dollars apiece

in the age of great extinction
hundreds of billions of devices that processed and produced data
were linked to the net

in the age of great extinction
they returned from holidays and sat in front of the screen
to see what they had seen
selfies with victims of accidents were taken
videos of rescue operations were recorded

in the age of great extinction
boys played football with their thumbs on their smartphones
it took girls longer to choose a wedding gown than a husband

in the age of great extinction
a child watered the lawn with a watering can in the shape of a hare
she had a wide seat like an old Mercedes
and she says it’s not the drinking that terrifies me
but the fact that he’s not drunk
he kept her in line for about three years
analchist leverutionary allrightist

in the age of great extinction
one could sense the antidepressant scent of geosmine after rain
five molecules in a trillion stimulated the production of serotonine
and a young man slept like a log

in the age of great extinction
conspiracy theories circulated around the net
as the sap in the last trees
Jews kidnapped Christian boys
whose blood they added to the matzah
a lesbian nun and a paedophile priest
pulled little girls into their black Volga
an Arab with a headdressed female Muslim on a black camel
abducted young women
an acquaintance’s acquaintance did a stranger a favour
and he told her to keep away from the World Trade Center
on September 11

in the age of great extinction
the world was as colourful as a rubbish tip in sunrays
they said like a dirty woman who made herself up
they said like the thirteenth child of a witch and spider

in the age of great extinction
one used to say it’s beautiful there are no people

in the age of great extinction
they buried you before me

Friday, 22 September 2017

Cold in the Morning

When a northern wind blows
on a deserted promenade
she chases old age away
with the help of Nordic sticks.

She loves as one loves in late autumn
she has a face the color of dusk
drops of sweat on the forehead
melted frost on bare branches.

Fog and drizzle
in the middle of December
solitude becomes populated
with strange thoughts
their voices in my words.

She stares into the cat’s eyes
dying embers.
The yellow light far away
barely sticks out from the snow.

Someone created a snowman
and left it in the field
saying in the afterlife
there’ll be eternal spring.

A few months before
there was the sadness of the tropics.
Heavy tears fell from the cloud
on the dust of dirt roads.

We don’t talk as much anymore
as daylight fades away
a rose afterglow on the horizon
dark red stains against

the opaque background of the night.
One day we stop to see
the languorous pace of the river
meandering through sere meadows.

It’s March again
the wheel has turned.
I run away from myself
to you and back.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Victim of Nonsense

You pass a smiling victim
of nonsense on the street.
The most important thing is not
to let them take the joy of life away.
A boxwood hedgerow grows
along the pavement
after rain it smells
of putrescine
and cat’s piss.
A corpse rises from the grave
to relieve himself.
Sentenced to life sentence
you live to leave behind as much
oblivion as possible.
You become an angler
waiting for hours for a fish to immediately
throw it back to water
on your hands and eyes
rainbow scales remain.
You take a brief and restless nap
before you really go to sleep.
In the falling dusk a blackbird sings
on the top of a pine tree
as if there were no tomorrow.
Wars are over you think
but what to do with peace.
All those things you have to achieve
over your dead body.
A story told in a long sentence
with many commas and a full stop.
You watch them go to hell
not believing in one.
Despite exhaustion
you are too busy to die
there’s still much to do.
You look for a secluded place
a country abode by a lake
like a dying beast.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Your Endymion

the sky swollen from the heat
as are your legs
will there be enough time
to accustom ourselves to death
halfway between youth
and incontinence

you remember that French actress
she had a certain
je ne sais quoi
until the very FIN

the boy you were all in love with
and called Alain Delon
went bald the soonest
a wrinkled knee
with a thin garland
of grey hairs

kiss me good night my Selene
your Endymion
has been yawning
for a long time